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Encaustic Art Institute

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When I paint, I feel like it is my own personal journey. If someone happens to enjoy something I've done - "all the better."

My paintings continue to change and evolve as I experiment with mediums and study. Although I've painted landscapes and still life, I find more often than not I am drawn back to the face and figure. Most paintings are done from drawings in live model groups or photographs. I have painted most of my adult life and consider myself primarily self-taught. Committing myself more seriously in the last two years, I have studied under Marc Chatov and Ben Smith.   Taking various workshops with differing experiences has helped me narrow the focus of my own work.

I also discovered encaustic and fell in love with its endless possibilities. Encaustic is painting with molten, pigmented beeswax. It can be fluid, tactile, sculptural, realistic or abstract. It provides a luminous and spontaneous quality I love, so it may be that I have found my - "resting place." The fact that you take shapes and color into a composition with translucent layers is a fascinating process.

I have no idea where my artwork will take me in the future, but I know it will continue to be a reflection of my passion for life and people.


I grew up in the foothills of the North and South Carolina mountains. I graduated from Winthrop College with concentrated studies in Social Work, Religion and Philosophy. My professional career focused on working with troubled children. In 2003 I retired as a Behavior Specialist Sr. with the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice after 34 years. I love to travel in third world and developing  countries and I have been able to do that over the last ten years. My greatest loves are my two children and five grandchildren. I am blessed with time for them AND my art.